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5th Grade Text Resource
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The textbooks we use are:

History Alive!

America's Past

from Teachers Curriculum Institute,


Reflections United States History: Making a New Nation

from Harcourt School Publishers. 

5th Grade Text Resource
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The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence
Social Studies Locker

Social Studies

The information provided on this page is for students and families to reference throughout the year as needed. The pace of the units and chapters is not indicated. Please follow my main page of this website and your child's daily entries in their student planner to follow pace and important announcements. This page is just for reference, enjoy!

Topics throughout the year:


Geography (focus on North American continent),


Native Americans and their lives before the settlers,


Explorers from Europe,


Factors that led to the pilgrims leaving Europe for the America's,


Development of the colonies,


Revolutionary War,


Development of U.S. government,


Westward expansion.

Supplementary Events

Please explore the links on this site for more information about the American Revolution Simulation and Colonial Day. Please help our class by contributing at Apple for the Classroom

Thank you!!

Lincoln and Spies of the Civil War
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First American Flag
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Map of the U.S. during the Civil War
Map of the U.S. during the Civil War
A Bacon s Rebellion in Jamestown
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Spoiler Alert: General Lee Surrenders!
Spoiler Alert: General Lee Surrenders!
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