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Science Links to Explore


"The Las Lomitas School District has provided links to other web sites that when listed appeared to have significant educational value for school districts, teachers, parents, and students. Such links to sites provided by for-profit, or commercial enterprises do not constitute any endorsement by the Las Lomitas School District of the products or services of those enterprises, nor does the Las Lomitas School District purport to comment on the quality of these products or services. The links from these sites and any updates post our original listing as a resource is not within our control. Please use this resource with the same safety and supervision as you would searching the internet without recommendations. "

Watch. Practice.
Learn almost anything for free.
With a library of over 2,700 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 253 practice exercises, we're on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

Bozeman Science - also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Bozemanscience is maintained by Paul Andersen, a science teacher in Bozeman, MT.  He has created hundreds of science videos that have been viewed millions of times by students and teachers around the world.  All of these videos are accessible from this website.  Click any of the links to view videos within specific content areas.


The 10 Best Science Channels on You Tubeeducational and entertaining videos about all kinds of science stuff!





Sciencing is a website made by science enthusiasts for science enthusiasts. We are your go-to resource for all things science. Whether you have questions about the universe or what biome you live in, Sciencing is the place for you.

World Science Festival is to cultivate a general public informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future.

Periodic table of science, technology, engineering and math occupations is a website that gives information about STEM careers in the form of an interactive periodic table of careers.


Current science news topics:



Cosmos Magazine - The Science of Everything

EurekAlert! - The Global Source for Science News

Science News - Magazine of the Society for Science & the Public

Science News for Students

DOGO News - Kids News - Science Articles

Science Friday

News ELA - Science News for all levels of readers


Metric Measurement:


Metric Mass

Finding Volume by Displacement






SCALE Science Education - Orientation to Groupwork

What is Citizen Science?
Research often involves teams of scientists collaborating across continents. Now, using the power of the Internet, non-specialists are participating, too. Citizen Science falls into many categories. A pioneering project was SETI@Home, which has harnessed the idle computing time of millions of participants in the search for extraterrestrial life. Citizen scientists also act as volunteer classifiers of heavenly objects, such as in Galaxy Zoo. They make observations of the natural world, as in The Great Sunflower Project. And they even solve puzzles to design proteins, such as FoldIt. We'll add projects regularly—and please tell us about others you like as well.

Over the past 25 years T. Ross Kelly has accumulated a collection (A Scientist's Curiousity Cabinet) of videos of various gizmos, devices, toys etc. which to me are excellent examples of scientific principles or things that you look at and you say "That's impossible!" except it's staring you in the face. 




Kids Astronomy - Astronomy resource designed to teach children about the exciting world of outer space
Astronomy Society of the Pacific
Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Picture of the Day 
Department of Astronomy, U.C. Berkeley
Astronomy Cafe - Get your questions about astronomy answered
Sky and Telescope Magazine - The Essential Guide to Astronomy
Star Child - A Learning Center for Young Astronomers


The Sun


NOVA - Secrets of the Sun (52:43)

Solar Wind (2:11)

Solar Flare - NASA (4:16)

Coronal Mass Ejection from X4.9 Solar Flare (0:12)

Magnetic Field Lines Tangle as Sun Rotates (0:13)

Earth's magnetosphere responds to variations in solar wind pressure (0:10)

Aurora Formation by Magnetospheric Substorm (0:49)

Animation of CME hitting the Earth's magneosphere (0:44)

Space Weather and Earth's Aurora (4:32)

The Aurora (1:55)


Stanford Solar Center - How to safely observe the sun

The Earth


Animation of Spinning Earth - Day and Night (1:22)

Night Sky Rotation Time Lapse - Rotating Earth (0:34)

EARTH: Making of a Planet (44:08) - National Geographic

The History of Earth - National Geographic Documentary (1:31:00)



The Moon


National Geographic - Direct from the Moon: (46:11)

Fun Science: The Moon (3:54):

Bill Nye: The Moon (23:00):



The Sun-Earth-Moon System


The Moon's Role in a Solar Eclipse (2:34)

Rebecca Kaplan TED Talk/Seasons (5:15)

Science Asylum/Seasons(4:36)

Mr. Lee - Phases of the Moon (3:41)



The Solar System


To Scale: The Solar System (7:06) - A model in the Desert:

Why isn't Pluto a planet anymore? (3:31) - Dr. Robert Hurt

New Horizons: Imaging a Landing on Pluto (1:41) (Made from more than 100 New Horizons images taken over six weeks of approach and close flyby, this video offers a 'trip' to Pluto).

Storybots - Outer Space: We are the Planets of the Solar System (1:59)

Bill Nye - Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, Meteoroids, Meteorites (4:57)

An Asteroid is Heading for Earth! (1:35)

The Formation of the Solar System (6:16)

How to get to Mars - very cool! HD (6:32)

Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Animation (11:19)

Seven Minutes of Terror: The Challenges of Getting to Mars (5:08)


NASA Science - Solar System Exploration

Views of the Solar System

Planet Facts - The Home for Interesting Planet Facts

Nine Planets - Solar System Tour

The Greatest Mysteries of the Kuiper Belt

The Greatest Mysteries of the Oort Cloud

Asteroids - Fun Facts and Information about Asteroids

Exploratorium - Your Age on Other Worlds

Exploratorium -  Your Weight on Other Worlds

Cosmos Magazine: Imagining the Trip to Pluto aboard New Horizons 

Voyager 2 Bids Adieu To The Heliosphere, Entering Interstellar Space - December 10, 2018

Planet Research Cards


Beyond the Solar System


How the Universe Works - Extreme Stars (43:00)

NOVA: Black Holes (51:17)

LIGO Hears Gravitational Waves that Einstein Predicted (4:36)

How to Use a Star Wheel (4:19)


Star Formation - The Methuselah Star, the oldest star in our galaxy

Star Formation - Steven Hawking

Photographs and Press Releases from the Hubble Space Telescope
Simulating Extreme Spacetimes - Black Holes, Neutron Stars and Beyond.
How many exoplanets have we found so far? The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia

NASA's Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space - December 10, 2018




The Scale of the Universe - Wow! This is just about the coolest website ever! Take a look at the relative scale of...everything!!

209 Seconds that will make you question your entire existence (3:11)

A Classic...Powers of Ten (9:01)





Chem4Kids - for all kinds of topics in Chemistry...

Properties of Matter: Physical and Chemical Properties


Review Video: Mass-Volume Graphs...

Review Video: The Density Triangle...and how to use it!...

Float or Sink? Steve Spangler Cool Science - Soda Challenge





States of Matter and Phase Changes: Matter and How it Behaves


Review Video: Phase Change Diagrams/Heating and Cooling Curves...

Mrs. Evans' Review Video: Phase Changes Diagrams (a.k.a. Heating and Cooling Curves)...

Mr Parr’s 4 States  of Matter Song (3:34)

How to Survive a Grenade Blast

Change of State - FuseSchool (4:35)

States of Matter - Veritasium  (4:52)

Water - A Molecular Substance - Let’s Look Into It (9:54)

Part(icles) of Your World: Crash Course Kids #3.2 (3:48)

The Particle Model - High School Science 101 (5:18)



Live Science: The Definition of Matter and the Five States of Matter


Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table: Structure and Function


Atomic Structure Tutorial (Kyle Dunn) (6:47)

Dogs Teaching Chemistry - The Atom (1:50)

How Small is an Atom? Ted Ed - Jonathan Bergmann(5:27)

How to Draw a Bohr Model (7:56)

How to Draw a Lewis Dot Diagram - Bozeman Science (5:06)

Bohr Models vs. Lewis Dot Structures - Kyle Dunn (9:44)

A Dance of Opposites (3:17) - Whitney Thwaite explains Static Electricity

They Might Be Giants - Meet the Elements (3:15)

What are Elements? Laura Nappi, MST (2:50) 

Reaction of Group 1 metals with water (3:05)

Short History of the Periodic Table - Crash Course Chemistry(11:21)

Tom Lehrer's Elements Song (1:25)

Jimmy Fallon Makes a Cloud (Helium, Hydrogen, Sodium Hexaflouride, Nitrogen) (4:38)




Build an Atom - PhET

The Periodic Table of Videos

Interactive Periodic Table - Annenberg Learner

It’s Elementary: Building Elements Interactive (orbital filling rules - #AdvancedRulesBookLevel2)

Making Matter - Build an Atom 

KScience - Atom Interactive
Bees detect electric fields! (3:23) - Listenwise Podcast

NPR Story about the "Radium Girls"

Interesting podcast articles about Elements from MarketWatch:








Extensive information about elements found here:

Interactive Periodic Table - Royal Society of Chemistry (this is a good one!!)

The Periodic Table of the Elements by WebElements

Dynamic Periodic Table

Periodic Table of the Elements - Los Alamos National Laboratory

It's Elemental - The Periodic Table of Elements - Jefferson Lab

Interactive Periodic Table by Chemical

American Chemical Society - International Year of the Periodic Table

Periodic Table of the Elements and Chemistry - Element Costs

The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements



Atomic Bonding and Molecules including Carbon Chemistry and Polymers


"It's a Chemical Bond" Remix Song (3:41)

Atomic Bonding Song (4:48)

"Covalent Love" in the Studio (2:58)

Mr. Parr's Chemical Bonding Song (4:06)

Dogs Teaching Chemistry - Chemical Bonding (1:49)

Making table salt from elemental sodium and chlorine (Lonnie Labs - UC Berkeley) (3:23)

Ari Daniel: Coral Reefs can Communicate with Fish

Ocean Acidification - Alliance for Climate Education (3:01)

Ocean Acidification - Cal Academy (4:04)

Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification- NRDC (21:34)

TED Talk: Ron Dunbar - The Threat of Ocean Acidification (18:45)

Cal Academy: Demystifying Ocean Acidification and Biodiversity Impacts (12:12)



pH Scale - Basics PhET Sim



Chemical Reactions and their Applications: Making New Things


Is it OK to Pee in the Pool? (2:27)

How to Balance a Chemical Equation:

Bozeman Science (11:08)

Post Science (10:49)

Khan Academy (5:03)



Practice for Balancing Chemical Equations:

Khan Academy

Classic Chem Balancer
Review Chem Balancer

PhET Balancing Chemical Reactions



Natural Resources and Synthetic Materials Resources


Plastic Bags

Plastic Bottles

Disposable Diapers

Synthetic Fiber and Cloth (Polyester, Nylon, Rayon)


Artificial Sweetener

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic Fuel

Taxol (Cancer drug)

Physostigmine (Glaucoma drug)

Chloroquine (Malaria drug)

Cortisone (Arthritis drug)







Motion Examples


Pharrell WIlliams' Happy Song! (4:06)

Bill and Mark's Parking Lot Skate (1:08)

Pool Skate Roosevelt (0:38)

Travelodge Pool Skate (0;45)

Lake Cunningham Pipe Skate (1:08)

Skullbowl Skate(0:48)

Italian Job Car Chase (1:54)

Blues Brothers Car Chase (2:56)

Blues Brother Mall Car Chase (3:49)

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Giant Dipper Roller Coaster (1:35)

Walt Disney World Expedition Everest (2:51)


Frames of Reference


Frames of Reference - High School Boys (3:44)

Fred Astaire Ceiling Dance (3:44)

Classic 1960s Professors Frame of Reference (2:13)

Flipping Physics - Reference Frames (2:30)


Speed and Velocity


Speed vs. Velocity; Speed Triangle - Mr. Higgins (5:44)


Instructions for calculating speed from videos - frame by frame capability




Conservation of Momentum - Flipping Physics (3:58)





NOTES:Forces (31:38)

What is Force? Veritas (3:39)

Corvette Museum, Kentucky - Normal Force vs. Gravity (1:30)

The Force Song - Newton's Laws (4:19)

Crazy Quicky: What is Pressure? (0:50)

Measuring Forces; Impacts on Youth Football Helmets (1:57)

Stanford Researchers Measure Impact of Football Concussions (3:06)

Slow Motion Flipping Cat; Smarter Every Day (6:25)

A Giant Electromagnet at the scrap yard! (0:21)

Forces and Motion: The Physics of Car Crashes (2:40)

What is the force of gravity at the center of the Earth? Professor Matt Anderson (7:11)

What happens if you jump into a hole through the Earth? Professor Matt Anderson (4:17)

Nice explanation of Bernoulli's Principle (3:08)


PhET Friction Simulation

PhET Forces and Motion Simulation

The Physics Classroom Net Force Interactive


Newton's Laws of Motion


Newton's Laws in Space (2:13)

Newton’s 3 Laws, with a Bicycle - Joshua Manley TedED (3:32)

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion -Varsity Physics  (3:27)

Understanding Car Crashes - Newton’s First Law (4:19)

Fall Leaves/ Newton's 1st Law (0:58)

Flippin’ Physics 1st Law of Motion (5:30)

Flippin’ physics 2nd Law of Motion (9:42)

Flippin’ Physics 3rd Law of Motion (5:58)

Newton's Third Law of Motion: Astronauts in Space (4:50)


Physics Classroom Newton's Laws Tutorial

Exploratorium: Mass vs. Weight; Your Weight on Other Worlds

The Horse and Cart Problem - N’s 2nd and 3rd Laws



Newton's Laws Research Packet Resources

Newton's 1st Law:

Website #1

Website #2

Website #3

Newton's 2nd Law:

Website #1

Website #2

Newton's 3rd Law:

Website #1

Website #2

Website #3

Last Page Activities:

Apply the Laws! Football Collisions

Apply the Laws! Astronauts

Apply the Laws! Car Crashes

Apply the Laws! Amusement Park Physics


Motion - Speed, Acceleration, Momentum, Velocity

Forces and Newton's Laws

General Earth Science 






Cycling of Earth Materials and Sculpting the Land


Mineral Characteristics - Hammocks Middle School (7:54)

Rock Types and the Rock Cycle : Untamed Science (3:30)

How the Grand Canyon Formed: NOVA (3:42)

Grand Canyon Shaped over Time - Ranger Minute (3:51)

The Dust Bowl of the 1930s (2:49)

Saltating Sand Grains on Oregon Beach (1:21)

Close up of Saltating sand grains (1:32)

Sahara Dust - All the World's a Stage...for Dust! (NASA gif)

The Power of Water Erosion - How Stuff Works (1:14)



Minerals Education Coalition

Interactive Rock Cycle - Annenberg Learner


Human Impact and the Environment




World Population Clock

Calculate your Carbon Footprint:

TerraPass Carbon Footprint Calculator

EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator

Nature Conservancy Carbon Calculator

Interactive Oil Spill Model - Living Oceans


Plate Tectonics: Our Dynamic Earth


How Deep is the Ocean? 131 Seconds (2:11)

BBC Men of Rock 1 of 3 : Deep Time (59:06)

Journey to the Center of the Earth - MIT (6:26)

Bill Nye - The Earth's Crust (23:10)

Alfred Wegner/Pangea - Animated Short HHMI (7:36)



Interactive Dynamic Earth - Annenberg Learner


Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Changing Earth From Within


The Hayward Fault: Overdue for Disaster - KQED Quest (9:22)

Induced Seismicity: Man-Made Earthquakes - KQED Quest (10:39)

The New Bay Bridge: Earthquake Makeover - KQED Quest (9:45)

A New Earthquake-Proof Calaveras Dam - KQED Quest (6:36)

The San Andreas Fault Documentary - A&E (43:48)

How a Seismograph Works (1:04)

Volcanoes 101 - National Geographic (2:28)

USGS Caldera Model (2:20)

Volcano Lava - National Geographic (1:11)

USGS Molten Paradise: Kilauea (26:37)

Mt. Ranier Volcano is a Ticking Time Bomb (44:43)



Iris Seismic Monitor - Real time data on Earthquakes

USGS Earthquake Site

Two Types of Earthquakes - Listen Current

Oklahoma Has More Earthquakes than California - NPR

Earthquake Damages Hydropower Systems - Listen Current

Fracking and Earthquakes - Listen Current

Compressional Wave (P-wave) Animation - Purdue

Shear Wave (S-wave) Animation - Purdue

Rayleigh wave (R-wave) Animation - Purdue

Love wave (L-wave) Animation - Purdue

How to Triangulate the Epicenter of an Earthquake Interactive - Earthguide Online

Review Quizlet for Earthquakes

Volcano Explorer - Interactive

Volcanoes and Volcanic Glass - Artisan Elevators

Good volcano research sites:

Alaska Volcano Observatory

Cascades Volcano Observator USGS

The Electronic Volcano- Dartmouth

Michigan Tech Volcanoes Page

US Geological Survey Volcanic Hazards Program

Global Volcanism Program (GVP) - Smithsonian

Volcano Watch Newsletter - Hawaiian Volcano Observatory


Atmosphere and Weather


The Coriolis Effect due to Earth's Rotation:

Merry Go Round Model (0:20)

Merry Go Round Animation (2:11)

A Journey Through the Atmosphere - BBC (7:32)

Atmospheric Pressure - Hila Science (5:11)

Convection Box Demo (2:12)

Predicting Weather by Reading the Clouds - Jeff Spira (5:17)

Make your Own Lightning - Charge and Carry - Exploratorium (2:46)

What is Thunder? (0:48)



How to Make a Wind Vane - WikiHow

Quizlet Review - Atmosphere and Weather

Webquest Links - Hurricanes!

LINK 1: Hurricanes 101 - National Geographic

LINK 2: What is a Hurricane? - National Ocean Service 

LINK 3: How Does a Hurricane Form? - SciJinks 

LINK 4: What is Storm Surge? - SciJinks 

LINK 5: Hurricane Names - Hurricaneville  

LINK 6: Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale - National Hurricane Center 

LINK 7: Deadliest Hurricanes - Wunderground 

LINK 8: Stages of Hurricane Development - University of Illinois

LINK 9: How a Hurricane Forms - How Stuff Works 

LINK 10: Create-A-Cane Game - NHC/NOAA 


Climate and Climate Change


Green Ninja Climate Science:

Weather vs Climate (3:40)

Natural Cycle (1:49)

Footprint Renovation (3:28)

Dr. Burrito (2:50)

Freight Debate (2:49)

Clark’s Story (3:55)






Biology 4 Kids: A great resource for all kinds of topics in Biology.



Cell Biology


The basic parts of an animal cell (4:53)
The Virtual Cell (6:47)....climb aboard your cell submarine!


CELLS alive! represents 30 years of capturing film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research.





Evolution of Life: Discover the principles of evolution through
animations, movies and simulations


Comprehensive Sexual Health


The Story of Menstruation - Walt Disney (1946) (5:13)

Baby, It's Cold Outside Rewrite (Consent) (2:05)

The Signs - Dating PSA (3:50)

Talking to your Parents about Sex (5:07) -PP

Consent: It's as Simple as Tea (2:49)


Try Engineering: Explore the amazing world of engineers - all in one website.