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Angela Ping Cornish

       The K-5.  E-Lab.   STEAM    Design         

Angela Ping Cornish.   Diversity and Equity in Education 

K-5 Design  Program Design Lead

Las Lomitas Elementary School District 

Welcome To The Lab

  My name is Ms. Angela Ping-Cornish. This is the second lab in the Bay Area I have launched with students. I branded and helped fund the first public school Innovation lab of its kind in Hillsborough, Ca, in 2008  with the help of students, mentors at Nueva Learning, Stanford D School, Hillsborough School Foundation, the SF MOMA and ISC (international sculpture center) local artists and businesses. This first Design Lab gave birth to all the Solar Tree Sculptures in the world following our posting of professional structural and architectural designs online (Santos and Urrutia, Solar PV LLC,  Fletcher Benton/Rein Triefeldt, Microsoft, and ISC)

This second lab launch is unique. Together with students in the lab, we gave birth to the "E-Lab"  post covid19 shutdown.  We decided that all tools should be "super solution tools" for kids to utilize in learning.  Making meaning of our world through solution-making and varied tools is a motivational superpower and a powerful source of hope for our youth today, as evidenced through discussions in the lab. The Arts, Technology, Music,  Dance, and STEM are ways humans find meaning. We are not robots. Is this another plea for change?

 How powerful are kids? You will see a billboard donated to our E-Lab alongside the highway along I-880 in Silicon Valley. A donation by the Bezos Foundation this past year rewarded the kids' chosen efforts to study  Equity in Education and "world needs" in our E-Lab. (along with the $3000 they donated to our cause)

  It is my pleasure to welcome you to the E-Lab. I hope to lead alongside (though I cannot be sure)   other Design leaders..and teachers in training to ensure the E-Lab is a successful iteration of students' needs at LLESDS as students seek healing and restoration during these years of post covid shutdown. The E-Lab belongs to all of us.    Please keep it alive.

           * Angela

Enrichment Lab

What is an Enrichment Lab? 

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