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Fun Facts About Ms. Ping

Teaching Technology Super Hero Powers 

"With great power comes great responsibility"

1. I have two sons  my eldest is a sophomore in college at UC Irvine this September!

2. I am a road cycler and my favorite ride is up Old La Honda

3. I have a pink tarantula, Lucky, who is a Chilean Rose and is expected to live for 25 years. She is 16.

4. I am classically trained in voice-opera, but ended up singing in a folk rock band and recorded an album with the drummer from Counting Crows and Third Eye Blind, Steve Bowman.  I am retired.

5. Epic Fail that turned out fine:  I am the educational director of  The Solar Tree Project, a project-based learning STEAM project that received funding from K&L Gates ( and lost funding for the student startup's team's Solar Kinetic Sculpture during a silicon valley crash. The curriculum still travels the world with Rein Triefeldt, a solar kinetic sculptor in Trenton New Jersey who collaborated with our students and Fletcher Benton

. (


Photo:  Fletcher Benton's Studio with My Solar Tree Club


Angela Ping Ong


Dear Families:

     I am Ms. Ping and I am the 4-5th-grade Technology Design Lab Specialist as well as The Technology Curriculum Integration Coach on campus. I work with about 400 students in my  4-5 courses.  I enjoy designing both skills based and project-based learning experiences for students.  I am also a Technology Curriculum Design Coach and Technology TOSA (teacher on special assignment)  at La Entrada School).  I have the privilege of working with the gifted and talented teachers on campus who want to re-design, add to, or reinvent their already innovative curriculum with the magic of technology and design.   I have been teaching for over 18+ years.  I have spent 10 years teaching as a classroom teacher in almost every grade level.  I then moved on to work as a Design Innovation Lab specialist for the past 10 years working alongside teachers who designed projects in my lab ranging from MARS NASA team partnerships, Technology Engineering Challenges at the Tech Museum of Innovation, or building a solar kinetic sculpture with artists at the SF MOMA.  I have completed my certification/credentialing in Computer Concepts and will continue to study Design in Educational Technology. I love igniting passion in my students!


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Quote and Philosophy

"The most amazing thing about technology as a tool is that you must constantly learn, relearn and sometimes unlearn. In the end you must finally accept that there is never full mastery, much like real life, where in the end knowing you grew was enough to feel content." 

Ms. Ping

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