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Richard Choi

Please check your Google Classroom and School Loop accounts for up-to-date homework assignments and important dates. Final grades will be updated on School Loop.

Useful Links

Big Ideas Math Resources

  • Big Ideas Course 2 Accelerated online textbook: Free access to the Pre-Algebra textbook scanned online. This textbook contains identical material from the Big Ideas Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 textbooks.
  • Big Ideas login site: Log in with your account to the Big Ideas website to access the online textbook, additional practice, and other resources.

Multi-Subject Tools

  • Tutorial videos and a constantly developing bank of questions for mastery on a wide range of subjects. 
  • Short, informative cartoon videos on a wide range of subjects. 
  • IXL for LLESD: A practice site for math, language arts, science, and social studies. Subjects are divided into very specific skills and grade levels. 
  • Phet Interactive Simulations: Flash apps for math and science topics.
  • Use this site to create flashcards on any topic of your choice and instantly practice with dictation, games, and randomly generated quizzes. 

Math Tools

  • Free online tool and app for graphing on the coordinate plane.
  • Geogebra: Free tool and app for manipulating geometric figures and more. 
  • Phet Interactive Simulations: Flash apps to build area models, manipulate fractions, explore equations, and more.
  • Virtual Algebra Tiles: Not fancy, but useful to manipulate and visualize algebraic relationships.
  • Wolfram Alpha: Try typing in math-related questions here, and see all the associations.

Math Resources

  • GregTangMath: Creative games for fractions, number sense, facts fluency, number bonds, and more.
  • Art of Problem Solving: Create a free account here for access to thousands of challenging math problems and content. Includes tutorials on national math competition topics and problems. 
  • Mathcounts and AMC. National middle-school math competitions with resources to problems not typically seen in the classroom. 
  • Fog Stone Isle: Practice and deepen your understanding of fractions through immersive games. 
  • Create a free account and access a wide range of challenging math problems. 
  • Math Playground: Flash math games to practice math facts and more. 
  • Extra practice from a large bank of foundational skills worksheets. Answers provided. 


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