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Kathleen Hatfield Locker
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Writer’s Workshop Procedures
  • We will cover three units; Narrative, Argument, and Response to Literature 

  • Bring Reader’s and Writer’s notebooks to class daily

  • Notebooks are a sacred space to try new ideas and push your thinking

  • Students will be writing in their reading/writing notebook daily

  • Each lesson will begin with a mini-lesson that targets a specific skill

  • Students will have ample classroom time to try out the skills and strategies taught in class

  • On-demand writing will occur at the beginning of each writing unit

  • Students will receive a process grade as well as a final grade for published pieces

Katie Hatfield

Reading just 25 pages each night equals 5000 over the school year.
Teaching Philosophy

I strive to bring joy and excitement to learning by fostering a positive and collaborative classroom environment, where students receive the support needed to become strong readers and writers. Learning is inherently social; we write with a specific audience in mind, respond to what others have written, and encourage each other to push our ideas to the next level.  We prepare for 9th grade by becoming fully immersed in our reading and writing units; thereby creating a strong foundation of skills in each student.

Preparing for class

Supplies List

  • Sharpened pencils

  • Blue/ Black ball point pens

  • Highlighters (any color)

  • Binder paper (College or Wide rule)


  • Fine tip felt pens

  • Post-it notes for annotations

  • Mini stapler


Apple for the Classroom

Hello Families, below is a link to our Apple for the Classroom wish list. Thank you for investing in our classroom, your assistance makes a huge difference. 



Apple for the Classroom