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Lisa Sharp

Welcome to Strategies

The Strategies classroom is a safe space for students to work on specific skills and IEP goals. I endeavor to connect everything we do in room 32 to the general education curriculum, so students can participate in instructional activities and learn along side their peers. I am grateful to my wonderful colleagues who are dedicated to professional growth and the inclusion of all students in meaningful ways. 

As an education specialist working with students with disabilities, I endeavor to develop these qualities and skills that characterize an effective special educator:


Organization/Structure: Students need consistent classroom routines and procedures. Within a safe and predictable environment children become willing to take risks and learn how to respond to the unexpected and adapt to change.


Creativity: Students are unique and have unique learning styles. I love coming up with new ways to present learning activities and differentiate instruction to ensure that all my students are engaged and learning.

Adaptability: Modeling flexibility and adapting to the unexpected are very important. Many students are upset when the schedule changes or something unexpected happens. I try to approach schedule changes and unscheduled disruptions as opportunities to practice being adaptable. I also continually assess how students are responding to and engaging with instructional activities. I have to be willing to throw out my “perfect” lesson plan and try a new approach.


Calm Temperament: Children need to know that I will be calm and keep every member of our classroom safe. The most frightening thing to many students is their own strong emotions. If I remain calm and set clear boundaries, students are able to learn to calm themselves in the midst of a full-blown tantrum.


A Sense of Humor: I am committed to being an effective teacher and holding high expectations for all my students. I also know that we will have challenging and even difficult days. It is important to be able to see humor in our humanity.


Cultivate a Loving Heart: I love being a teacher, and consider it a great privilege to be entrusted with the task of teaching and nurturing children. I have been asked by friends (who aren’t teachers), “How do you manage when a student is being very difficult?” I reply that I can, even on their most challenging days, find something loveable at the core of every one of my students.


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I love this wonderful quote about believing in yourself.