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Phone: 650-854-3962 Ext 107


Grading Policy

- 60% Participation & Effort

- 20% Skills & Fitness

- 20% Performance Assessment

8th Grade Units
8/18/15 1:15 PM
8/18/15 12:51 PM
10/21/15 9:29 AM
8/18/15 1:15 PM
8/18/15 1:15 PM
8/18/15 12:51 PM
8/18/15 1:15 PM
10/9/15 2:49 PM
3/6/16 9:33 PM
8/18/15 1:14 PM
10/19/15 2:49 PM

Mr. Yob's Website

Distance Learning

For Distance Learning, at home materials, please go to my new website below.

Welcome to Team Yob!


Gymnastics Videos
Swing Dance Competition!
About Mr. Yob

Hello! My name is Mr. Yob. I am looking forward to my 6th year teaching at La Entrada. As an alumni of La Entrada/Las Lomitas, I am very excited to be giving back to the school. This year I will be teaching six 8th grade classes. I will also be continuing the Intramural program during Wednesday and Friday lunch periods. I look forward to meeting and creating relationships with all my students!