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How to organize your binder for Middle School

Binder should look like this:

1) A 3" binder with 6 sections

2)  3 ring pencil pouch with 2 pencils,2 erasers, a 4 color ink pen,a highlighter.

3) agenda/planner

4) Red Homework folder - left side "To Do"- right side "Done"

5)  Organizational yellow sheet and "to do list" should be on Left side of Red homework folder

5) when work is graded, it is to be filed immediately by class, not shoved in your backpack.







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Denali, Alaska. 19,000 Feet
Ms. Icky Gertz
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Astronaut Icky
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University of West Indies, Jamaica
University of West Indies, Jamaica

Lisa Sharp

Welcome La Entrada University Algebra Students and Parents (LC Math)

We are teaching a new unit called Algebra 101. An introduction to Algebra using manipulatives called Algebra Tiles.

Students will be learning how to use manipulatives to set up and solve polynomials.

Students are given lessons on how to use the tiles, then they will bring home some work to practice .

During Open house I will give a demonstration on how to use Algebra Tiles.

Diplomas from La Entrada University will be awarded on June 1st.

Students are to bring a hat or cap that they would like to use as their "thinking cap" for class.

They may only wear their hats in my class while doing Algebra.


University of La Entrada makes learning Algebra FUN !!!!

Organizational Checklist

Every week your student will ask you to look over their 'yellow slip'. They no longer need to get it signed by an adult in their family. This slip is an organizational worksheet to help them keep their binder straightened out , their agenda up to date, and to use a form of organization that is tracked by a study-buddy. 

When it gets brought home, on weekends, please take a look at it, look over their binder, and verify assignments in agenda are similar to school loop.  Long term projects need to be in agenda as well.

Sunday afternoon is a good time to clean out your binder.

- Thank you for your support in using this organizational system.


Trouble getting your homework completed?

New to La Entrada, but not new to teaching.....

Who is Ms. Gertz....?


I have taught at Menlo-Atherton High School and at Kennedy High School in the area of Special Education; Biology, Algebra, Geometry, Health, and English. I have my Master's degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders and have done some work with Bipolar disabilities. 

My teaching style reflects empowering students to understand how they learn best for academic success.

I believe in full communication with students, teachers, and parents .

Please feel free to talk to me about your student and your concerns. I am a good listener. Come by to say "hello".

I am a proud mother to 5 adult children and 4 granddaughters.

My hobbies are hiking, fishing, white water rafting, camping, cooking, and sewing. I have a large garden, I raise chickens, and have a few fruit trees. I am a fan of sustainable agriculture and 4H projects.

Contact Information

Maryjane (Icky) Gertz

Room 45, La Entrada School
650-854-3962 x145