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Lunch Time

Michelle Pitt Locker
Quick Links

IXL - Math aligned with standards


Typing Pal - LLESD's subscription to typing lessons


Coding - All kinds of activities to learn coding


Fun Brain - Simple activities to enhance all areas of learning


Poptropica - A kid safe website full of problem solving activities 


BrainPop - Animation videos to support topics in the classrooms


Digital Citizenship  A guide to help parents at Common Sense Media


Digital Citizenship  Curriculum, guidelines and updates for Educators


GoNoodle - A great Brain Break resource, stretch, move and relax.


The Media Center Lab, which adjoins the library, is a Chromebook based Learning Support Center.

The lab is available to all classrooms' project needs.  Mr. Parker Kelly uses the lab for two of his elective classes.
  • Google Docs, collaborative peer editing, informational writing and research are just a few examples of the busy filled days.
  • Web based curriculum support activities, like IXL, Typing Pal, Digital Citizenship, Coding, BrainPop and more are used quite frequently.
  • We also serve students during recess, where they are allowed to enjoy approved activites or even for homework and printing. This lab is available before school at 7:45 M, T & TH for the AM Homework Center.
La Entrada Media Center and Tech Team

Part of the Team


La Entrada Library - Caitlin Davis, Librarian


Computer Elective Teacher - Mr. Parker Kelly


Computer Teacher 4/5th Grades - Ms. Angela Ping


Tech Ease Student Team