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School Site Council

What is the School Site Council?

The name School Site Council (SSC) comes from Assembly Bill 65. The council consists of twelve voting members, with parents and staff equally represented. The purpose of the School Site Council is to provide a method for collaborative decision making among representatives of those involved in and affected by the school program. The School Site Council (SSC) is responsible for developing a School Based Coordinated Program (SBCP), continuously reviewing the implementation of the plan, assessing the effectiveness of the school program, reviewing and updating the school improvement plan and establishing the annual school improvement budget. Meeting dates and times appear in the weekly newsletters. School Site Council meetings are open to the public. If anyone wishes to have a particular issue addressed, please contact the principal, Shannon Potts (854-3962), at least one week prior to the meeting.

SSC Meetings

Date of Meeting    
10/22/15 agenda minutes
1/21/16 agenda minutes


agenda minutes


agenda minutes
  agenda minutes


Members 2015-16 (elections to be held in September 2015)

Shannon Potts, Principal

Janet Gregori, Teacher

Su Logie, Teacher

________, Teacher

________, Classified

Deborah VerPloeg, Parent

Sarah Chai, Parent

Laurie Sobel, Parent

8th grade rep, Student

7th grade rep, Student