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Teagan Webster Locker
8/27/15 8:20 PM
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Teagan Webster

Thank you!

Thank you to the amazing families that have so generously donated items to our classroom via "Apple for the Classroom."  I so appreciate your contributions.  

Thank you also to the fabulous PTA who make the "Apple for the Classroom" program a reality for our schools.


English 6

Mesopotamia Homework Quizizz

Please play AT LEAST ONCE, but you play play as many times as you would like to help you study for your test
Assigned: 11/14/22 Category: Assignment Points: 20 Due: 11/13/27

Study for Egypt Test

Play this quizizz AT LEAST once for homework before the test next week.  You may play as many times as you would like, and I will record your best score. Don't forget to check that all of your notes are complete for all 4 sections of Egypt.
Assigned: 01/04/23 Category: Assignment Points: 10 Due: 07/04/24

India: chapter 6, section 3: Origins of Buddhism

Assigned: 03/22/23 Category: Assignment Points: Due: 03/24/23

read 20 minutes every night

Assigned: 03/23/23 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 03/24/23
Social Studies 6
Mrs. Webster
Mrs. Webster
About Mrs. Webster

Welcome to sixth grade.  This is my 12th year teaching sixth grade, my sixth year here, at La Entrada.  Prior to this I lived in San Diego, and taught in Chula Vista, San Diego, and Poway.  I have taught everything from preschool through eighth grade in my 16 years of teaching.  This year I am teaching one sixth grade Core class and the Leadership elective.  I am also the ASB coordinator and student activities director here at La Entrada.  I am a mother of two boys, ages six and four.    I look forward to a wonderful year with you!

Recommended Supplies

To have a successful school year, the 6th grade Core teachers recommend you come prepared with:

-3 ring binder with pocket dividers (for each subject)

-multiple sharpened pencils

-blue, black, and red ballpoint pens




-colored pencils

-hand-held pencil sharpener

-black felt marker (fine point)

-stylus (for iPads)

-binder paper

-homework folder