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Jennifer Montalvo Locker
8/21/15 2:32 PM
4/9/20 2:35 PM
Quote of the week!
Quote of the week!

Jennifer Montalvo

6th Grade Core Class

Room 31 Student Supply Wish List




Suggested Items:

  1. Sturdy pocket folder or binder for homework
  2. Pencil box (small)
  3. 3 folders with pockets
  4. Crayons
  5. 1 glue stick
  6. Personal set of colored pencils
  7. One hand held pencil sharpener
  8. Sharpies (fine and ultra fine)
  9. Silent Reading Book
  10. Positive attitude! : )


Optional Extras:

  • Clorox wipes (to share)
  • Box of Kleenex (to share)



Welcome to the 3rd Quarter!

Congratulations!  You have completed 1/2 of Sixth Grade!!  

Are you out of supplies?


Go through your school supplies and make sure that you have what you need to be successful!

Homework 5/15-5/20

*Homework may change throughout the week, so check your planner to make sure you know what to do.





  • Wordly Wise 17A
  • Finish Greek Worksheet



  • Wordly Wise 17B
  • Letter



  • Wordly Wise 17C
  • Rome Worksheet



  • Quote Response