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Mimi Sabo

About Mimi Sabo

Mimi Sabo has been the French teacher at La Entrada for twelve years, and the Spanish 1c teacher for three years.  Before joining LE's dynamic learning community, she completed a 23-year career in the computer industry, employed by Novell and Sun Microsystems.  Her interest in world languages began before the age of five.  Her older sisters taught her to count to ten in Spanish, French, and German, a feat she delightedly showcased in her Kindergarten class's "Show and Tell."  At the age of 13, she moved with her family to São Paulo, Brazil, where she learned Portuguese.  "It was like letting a horse out of the gate," Ms. Sabo reports.  "After discovering the magic of language and culture, I knew exactly what I wanted to pursue."

In high school, Ms. Sabo took ten years of three world languages:  Latin, Spanish, and French.  In college, she added German to her repertoire.  She studied in Tours and Paris, France, with Sweet Briar College's Junior Year in France program.  After graduating from the University of Rochester, NY, with a B.A. in Comparative Literature, she accepted a post-baccalaureate fellowship and moved to Germany.  She earned an M.A., also in Comparative Literature, from the University of Munich.  She obtained her teaching credentials in French and English from San Jose State University in 2006, and her Spanish credential in 2016.

Ms. Sabo has been married for forty-one years.  She and her husband, Peter Mangione, a program and policy director in the field of infant and toddler development, are longtime residents of Menlo Park.  They have three daughters.  Julia, who lives in Barcelona, Spain, is a USC graduate who holds Master's degrees in Urban Development and Architecture. Sonya is a licensed social worker working in Chicago for an international education organization. She earned her MSW at the University of Chicago and her B.A. at Stanford. Allegra recently graduated from Northeastern University.  She is a Communications Specialist for an human services non-profit in Denver.  Among the five of them, they speak the following world languages:  Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, and Hindi.  Ms. Sabo's favorite sports are swimming and hiking.  Her favorite animals are horses and dogs.

France: Mont Saint-Michel
France: Mont Saint-Michel