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Yearbook/Journalism Locker
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The Vocabulary Race

[Part 1] Yearbook Vocabulary

[Part 2] Yearbook Vocabulary Quiz 

[Part 3] Create 6 Jeopardy-like questions 


Topics are: eDesign, Writing, Photography, Caption Writing, Alternative Copy, Interviewing 


                       Category:  Photography 

                       Question:  "This technique has the main action happening at a cross-section" 

                          Answer:  What is "Rule of Thirds"


[Part 4] Play Class Jeopardy game 

Class code for

Surveys for super hero

Super Heros and School 

Steps for Turning in COPY

COPY directions 

Copy Deadline template


Writing Strong Copy

You need to take 10 photos around campus that do not have people in them

Once you have completed that task, you will find a partner

Your partner will look through all of the photos and select one

Then, they are you interview you while recording the 5ws

Repeat the process by switching positions



Using the list of "Sentence Starters" create a copy that pulls the photo and the interview together

This should be at least a paragraph in length (4-8 sentences) and should capture the story through an interesting and compelling lens

Make sure to include the person's full name and grade

MARK your three or more sentence starters in your copy 


Sentence Starters


Make sure to write in present tense 

The story/ copy must be about the facts of the actual picture and may not be made up (this is a Jon Goker rule) 

Write up your copy and save your photo onto a Google doc and share with Mrs. Rianda