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Contact Teri Alton  Teri Alton (650) 854-3962 ex: 151 6th and 7th Grade Core
A picture of a quote taken from the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Apple for the Classroom 2018-2019

Teri Alton

Professional Dedication Statement

Teaching Language Arts and History are my passion,

Together we will explore reading, writing, and ancient civilizations.

I encourage you to Dream BIG because I believe in you!

Success occurs through hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm.

I will provide you with lessons that challenge and engage you.

Open minds are appreciated and celebrated –

“Think outside the box.”

Respect and a sense of humor are a part of this classroom.

You will be asked to be the best person you can be,

Together we will never give up!

Ms. Alton's Teaching Bio

Welcome to a new academic year! My name is Teri Alton, and I am your child’s Core (Language Arts and History) teacher. I wanted to take a moment and provide you and your child with an overview of my teaching career. Please feel free to ask me any questions. The rest of my teaching biography can be found on my resource page within the folder, "Beginning of the Year Documents."