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This is a picture of Mrs. Evans and her big fat black cat Poncho!

My Philosophy...

I believe in student-centered learning. As much as possible, I like to teach so that students learn through discovery.

Science should be hands-on. Again, discovering and learning by doing is not only effective, but fun!

Learning should be cooperative. When we work together, we learn more. I believe in cooperative and communicative partnerships between students, students and teacher, and  students, teacher, and parents. Together, we will have a wonderful year!

NGSS...a 3-dimensional braided "rope" of knowledge and skills

The Next Generation Science Standards are like a braided rope that weaves together three dimensions of learning and understanding

Christine Evans

For my 8th Graders...Helpful Resources

Online resources for Periodic Table Mix 'n Match

(individual handouts for all activities are linked)


Interactive Periodic Table - Royal Society of Chemistry (this is a good one!!)


5 points 15 points 25 points

TED ED How small is an atom?



Making Matter: Build an Atom Game


KScience – Atom Animations 1-20


Information Cards for Atomic Meet n Greet

No online resources for this category


Not on the menu...but pretty cool... if you're up for a personal challenge (#AdvancedRulesBookLevel2):

It’s Elementary: Building Elements Interactive (orbital filling rules)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we doing in class?

What's the homework?

I won't be here tomorrow...can I find out what I will be missing?

 "Homework and Agenda".
I lost my homework or I forgot to write it down in my planner...what do I do? "Homework and Agenda"...(you can print out another copy right from home)
What will we be studying this year?  "Class Syllabus and Information"

How does the class work?

What are the policies and expectations?

 "Class Syllabus and Information"
I can't wait to go back to school shopping...what do I need to be successful in this class?  "Suggested Supplies List"

Can I donate anything to the classroom?

Do you need anything?

Absolutely! Visit my "Wish List" to see how you can help.

S.A.B.G. Project Exemplars

Follow this link to see some outstanding examples of the SAGB project...can you identify the CLAIM, EXPLANATION(S) and EVIDENCE in each one?

All about 8th Grade Physical Science

8th Grade Physical Science covers many topics, including Astronomy, Chemistry and Physics. But mostly, 8th Grade Physical Science is about...THINKING! This is what real scientists do.

My goal is for you to FIGURE OUT and deeply UNDERSTAND scientific phenomena rather than just memorize facts.

Sure, the "what" of science is important...but can you explain why and how you know what you know?

And guess what? "Figuring out" and "understanding" are much more powerful skills than memorizing...if you can figure things out, you won't NEED to memorize! You will also be able to look around you with a questioning mind that evaluates and analyzes information carefully, a valuable skill in today's world.

Want to go star gazing?

"Night Sky Network"

Type in your zip code and get a calendar of astronomy related events in your area.


Lick Observatory Summer Series


The Planetarium at College of San Mateo