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Parent Organizations at La Entrada

  • The Coordinating Council serves as an advisory body to the superintendent regarding District policies and procedures, channels communication among school district organizations, and acts as a clearinghouse for dates of activities, and coordinates district-wide fundraising activities. (The Coordinating Council, itself, does not raise funds.) The members of the Council are the presidents / chairs of the various District organizations and the school principals.
  • The Las Lomitas Education Foundation  (LLEF) is an educational foundation in the State of California, which raises funds to maintain and enrich the tradition of excellence in our school dis­trict. Monies raised in one year are used the next and allocated by the District’s Governing Board to support class size reduction, the retention of quality staff, and a broad range of curricular offerings. The LLEF raises funds through three activities: the annual Giving Campaign (which solicits donations from October – March), the annual Auction in May, and electronic Scrip, which runs throughout the calendar year. LLEF funds contribute to the District’s general fund operating budget for the District. LLEF activities are directed by a board of directors and an executive committee.
  • The Las Lomitas League (LLL) is a non-profit organization that provides after school athletic programs and enrichment activities / classes. Fees are charged for participation, and financial assistance can be provided.
  • The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a parent-teacher membership group that supports the students and staff at each school with enrichment activities and volunteer services. All parents and teachers may be members of the PTA. Membership and activity fees that are raised are used to fund PTA programs such as the weekly newsletters, arts enrichment, student tu­toring and fieldtrips. Numerous volunteer opportunities are available for working and non-working parents, from assisting children for an hour at a holiday craft work­shop, to making telephone calls at home, to discussing great literature in the classroom.
  • The School Site Coucil (SSC) is comprised of elected school staff and parents (and students at La Entrada) who develop a plan and budget to improve instruction at the school with State funds desig­nated yearly for this purpose. The budget may fund such things as staff development / training and equipment purchases in the areas of Language Arts, Math and Science, Social Studies and other curricular areas.