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New Student Registration

4-8th: La Entrada School Registration of NEW students

To register at La Entrada School, you will need to stop in the office for a Registration Packet. You will need to read and complete the registration form, a language survey, and a records request card. You will also need to submit an updated California immunization record and proof of your residency.

  1. Registration Form: Please fill out completely, including any special information we may need to know at the bottom of the form. Please be sure to include your child's previous school information.
  2. Language Survey: Please fill out to meet our California Education Code requirements.
  3. Records Request Card: Your signature allows us to request your child's school records from the previous school. Please fill in the complete address of the previous school on the reverse side and return the card to our school office or mail it to the previous school yourself. If you mail it yourself, please let the school secretary know you did so.
  4. California Immunizations: For a registration to be complete we need to receive an up-to-date immunization record. You may want to ask your current school for a copy of your child's immunization record to present to La Entrada at the time of registration (as it often takes many weeks to receive the complete cumulative record from previous schools). Otherwise you may need to ask your physician to update the record and/or the immunizations.
  5. Original birth certificate or passport.
  6. Proof of District Residency: To complete your registration and place your child into a class we must receive proof of your residency. Proof of residence in the form of two ORIGINAL utility bills (i.e. power, water) and lease agreement or mortgage paperwork.  If you do your bill-paying online, please print out the bill showing the utility service and your address.  If you would like to make copies of these documents for us, it will speed the registration process but we will need to SEE the originals.


*​Cell phone bills do not qualify as proof of residence


Registration office hours are 8:30am to 3:15pm Monday through Friday. 


Upon receipt of the items listed above, you will be given access to InfoSnap, our on-line registration system, where you will continue the registration process.


To continue registration in InfoSnap for a NEW student for the 2019-2020 school year, follow this link.


Upon completion of the on-line registration, you MUST bring a hard copy of these forms to the school office to FINALIZE registration.  Your child will not be registered at La Entrada until we receive your on-line registration papers.


Please Note: You will not receive a class placement letter unless all state required immunizations have been met.


For additional questions about registration, please call 650-854-3962.