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4th Grade Curriculum

4th Grade Curriculum


  • Readers Workshop
  • Because of Winn-Dixie
  • Tiger Rising
  • Number of the Stars
  • By the Great Horn Spoon
  • Extreme Weather


  • Writers Workshop
  • Narrative
  • Summary
  • Literary Essay
  • Journalism
  • Opinion/Argument
  • Informational
  • Poetry


  • Conceptual Understanding of Whole Number Multi-Digit Computation Based on Deepened Place Value Understanding and Represented with Concrete Materials and Visuals
  • Mastery of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division using Traditional Algorithms
  • Conceptual Understanding and Ability to Visualize Fraction Equivalence and Comparison
  • Addition and Subtraction of Fractions and Mixed Numbers (solving, drawing a visual, and writing a related word problem)
  • Multiplying a Fraction by a Whole Number (solving, drawing a visual, and writing a related word problem)
  • Extending Place Value Understanding to Decimals through Hundredths
  • Geometry (including measuring angles with a protractor and solving complex problems involving angle measure)
  • Measurement (including measurement conversions and finding area and perimeter of complex shapes in real world scenarios)


Social Studies

  • California
  • Geography
  • Newcomers
  • Missions (field trip)
  • Ranchos
  • Gold Rush (simulation)
  • Statehood

Next Generation Science Standards

  • Landscapes
  • Earthquakes
  • Animal Adaptations
  • Car Crashes
  • Energy